Meet The Staff


As a co-owner, Kelly makes up one-half of the Block Island Organics team. Before joining the company, Kelly had a standard beauty routine including skincare elements like moisturizer and makeup. Since then she extensively investigated the elements of skincare and learned that the sun is the primary source of skin damage and aging. With this in mind, sun care is now one of her passions. She loves spreading the word, especially to other women, about the importance of sunscreen use everyday. It's the one and only beauty tip she lives by to prevent skin aging and skin cancer. She also believes strongly in supporting other women entrepreneurs. In addition to Block Island Organics, Kelly received her MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and BA from New York University. Kelly also happens to be married to the other co-owner, Will, as Block Island Organics is a family company.


Will is a 100% dedicated non-stop sunscreen wearer and perhaps the palest man around. He wakes up every day and applies sunscreen regardless of the weather. Will is a proud co-founder of Block Island Organics and believes sunscreen will keep him looking smart and youthful longer than he should. He has been touched by skin cancer (as his grandfather had skin cancer) and how prevalent it is. Will recognized the damage that sun does to skin health and the lack of a good quality and safe sunscreen on the market. Thus, coming from years of business and marketing experience, Will co-founded Block Island Organics to fill the need for safe, affordable, and lovable sunscreen. Will has an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and a BSM from Tulane University.

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