About Koru Eco Spa

Block Island Organics grew out of Koru Eco Spa and a desire to provide safe, effective, and pleasing suncare products. As an eco-friendly spa located on an island surrounded by beaches Koru knew firsthand the effects of the sun on skin and how hard it was to find a good, safe suncare line that was pleasing to use. Thus the seed for Block Island Organics began! As for the spa, Koru is proud to say they have been around since 2007 and they are working on that One Billion served thing McDonald's does...

The following is the story of Koru Eco Spa...take a trip to Block Island & give them a visit!

Nestled 13 miles off of coastal Rhode Island is Block Island, which has the distinction of being the smallest town in the smallest state in the country. As a small, but full service spa that strives to lead the way for a greener future, Koru prides itself on being a little spa with a big mission:

“Koru believes our health and the health of our environment are inherently connected. Thus, Koru offers only 100% organic and non-toxic products and services while insisting upon the highest standards of quality. Treat yourself knowing that from our construction to our services, your health and the health of the environment are our top priorities."

To the right are Koru’s custom pedicure thrones. They are big over-sized chairs made out of reclaimed old barn wood. The thrones were made by a fantastic furniture maker named Andrew Moe. Andrew also made Koru a really cool manicure bar. It's a big piece of marble that, using the same reclaimed wood, he made the base for. Check out the thrones and manicure bar on your next visit!

Besides nail services, Koru also does massages, facials, waxing, body treatments, hair services, and wedding services. Koru doesn’t believe in spa gimmicks so you won't find them touting the new craziest zaniest spa treatment that supposedly acts as the fountain of youth AND centers you to a world of eternal bliss. No gold encrusted diamond studded Himalayan mountain serum of truth there or fish pedicures. Koru does believe in offering the highest quality level of services using pure 100% good for you ingredients. A spa should relax you, use safe and beneficial ingredients that improve your health and most of all, a spa should be friendly and welcome you. Koru hopes your experience at their spa is all of the above and more.

Go to Koru’s website at to learn more details about Koru and their menu of services.

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