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Viral Photo Reminds Us Why We Need to Apply Sunscreen Everywhere

by kelly / September, 7 2022 01:30

A photo of face and neck of a 92-year-old female, who used sunscreen on her face but not on the neck for 40+ years.

This viral photo recently made the rounds on the internet. The photo is a good reminder of why sunscreen is needed every day and across all our exposed skin. It shows the dramatic effects of applying sunscreen on one part of your body but not another for decades…

Dr. Avi Bitterman, a dermatologist from New York posted this photo on his Twitter account. It’s a photo of a 92 year old woman’s cheek and neck. Dr. Bitterman explains that this woman wore UV-protective moisturizer on her face but not on her neck for over 40 years. As you can see there is a clear difference between the skin on her face versus her neck.

The photo definitely showcases that sunblock matters. Or as one Twitter responded “The best advert for SPF ever!”

Along with this photo Dr. Bitterman attached a link to a study on “Ageing research: rethinking primary prevention of skin cancer,” where the 92-year-old woman had been used as a case study. The study researches connections between ageing, skin cancer, and UV protection. You can find the study here.

So after seeing this photo, let’s wear our sunscreen every day. And don’t forget those often missed body parts – check out these three features:

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