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UK Soccer Teams Apologizes for Sunscreen Statement

by kelly / August, 24 2022 01:30

Picture of a soccer ball on a stadium field

That’s a headline you don’t read very often. But somehow a UK soccer team made an error in judgement and sent out a tweet reply that caused a bit of a stir with the Melanoma UK foundation.

The soccer club in question was Manchester City and one of the team’s verified accounts - @mancityhelp - responded to a fan’s question on whether they could bring sun cream to the stadium for a match. FYI, in the UK sunscreen is called sun cream.

The response from @mancityhelp said:

“Sun cream will not be permitted on entry into the stadium.”

Of course Melanoma UK had a lot to say about this and tweeted back…

“Your supporter services team have got this wrong. You cannot expect a stadium full of fans (many of them children) not to have sunscreen with them. Help protect them - link up with someone who can provide the sunscreen inside the stadium. This is so disappointing.”

Manchester City was quick to issue an apology after it realized it’s mistake and issued the follow statement:

“Manchester City can confirm that supporters were allowed to bring sun cream into the Etihad Stadium at Saturday’s match. The tweet in question, which was published in reply to an enquiry on the club’s matchday Twitter account was incorrect, and we would like to apologise to supporters for this administrative error. The health and safety of supporters is our priority and we will ensure that internal processes are reviewed following this matter.”

Thankfully it was a simple error and sun cream was allowed in the stadium.

I’ll say I was surprised what an online stir it created but I’m happy that in the end everyone could be well protected and enjoy the match!

So if you’re going to be out in the sun watching any type of sporting event; apply and reapply that sunblock. Plus, wear protective clothing such as hats, sunglasses, and long sleeved shirts and pants when possible.

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