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How Long Should You Wait to Apply Makeup After Applying Sunscreen?

by kelly / July, 27 2022 01:30

Woman looking in mirror letting her sunscreen set before applying makeup

Wait, are we supposed to wait before applying our makeup after applying sunscreen? The answer is yes. But don’t worry it’s not long and it’s definitely not something I knew until I ran a skin care company. Plus it’s quick and you’ll probably forget you’re even waiting.

Two Minutes to Set

Let’s get right to it then. According to dermatologists you should give your sunscreen at least two minutes to sink into your skin before applying your makeup.

As dermatologist Dr. Kiran Mian explains “adding makeup too soon could dilute your sunscreen or interact with the ingredients, rendering them ineffective.”

So apply your sunscreen, make sure you are applying it evenly and thoroughly across your entire face, and then give it time to dry before adding anything else on top. Also try and avoid touching your face while the sunscreen is drying.

Here are some things to do while you’re waiting for your sunscreen to set – drink your coffee (or, in my case, tea) or eat breakfast! Those will probably take longer than two minutes anyway.

Suncare Smarts

Now that you know your sunscreen is set and your makeup on top is working well, head out into the sun knowing you're looking good and protected.

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