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Can You Store Sunscreen In Your Car?

by kelly / June, 22 2022 01:30

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A while back Khloe Kardashian revealed that she likes to put sunscreen in all of her cars. However you may feel about the Kardashians – I respect that she’s acknowledges the importance of sunscreen. However is storing sunscreen in your car a good idea? It’s definitely a noble effort to ensure it’s always available and around. But it might not be the best storage place…

Your Car is Hot

Why is your car not a great spot? Well it gets hot. Here’s some crazy stats on how hot your car can get according to Shelia Dunn, communications director with the National Motorists Association:

“During the first 30 minutes of sitting in the sun, the temperature within your car can rise by more than one degree a minute…So if it’s 90 degrees when you go into the store, within a half-hour, the inside of your car could be around 120 [degrees].”

120 degrees! That’s crazy hot.

Of course if your car is getting hotter – everything inside is too…

Some Sunscreens Can Degrade

So if you’re storing sunscreen in a hot car, your sunscreen is heating up. And you might think it odd – after all, isn’t sunscreen supposed to protect you in hot sun? True, it does protect you from the sun but it’s still not a good idea to store it at hot temps. According to dermatologist Joseph Chao - sunscreens with active ingredients like oxybenzone and avobenzone can degrade while sitting in a hot car.

Additionally the FDA requires all sunscreens sold in the US to put the following statement on their labels : “Protect the product in this container from excessive heat and direct sun.”

And if you’re using an aerosol sunscreen, pay particular attention. That’s because pressurized items typically have a temp storage range and if outside the range, they can explode.

Now Block Island Organics sunscreen doesn’t use chemical active ingredients like oxybenzone and avobenzone. Our sunscreens are mineral only. Plus, we don’t make any aerosol sunscreens either. Even so, we don’t advise leaving any sunscreen in a hot car. It’s just not the best way to keep your sunscreen working well.

How to Store Your Sunscreen

Instead of leaving it in a hot car. Maybe carry it in a purse, bag or even in your pocket if it’s travel size.

If you’re out at the beach or the pool how do you keep your sunscreen out of direct sun? One recommendation is to wrap the sunscreen in a towel. Or keep it in your beach bag.

FYI sunscreen is best stored at room temperature.

Suncare Smarts

Remember your car gets hot. I mean we’ve all experienced touching those hot seat belt clips. So don’t store anything you don’t want to melt or degrade in your car!

For even more sunscreen tips check out our Suncare Smarts series.

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