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Discovering Block Island: July 4th Fireworks Spectacular

by kelly / June, 1 2022 01:30

Fireworks display on the 4th of July

If you’re looking for fireworks this year for July 4th – I think Block Island will be the best place to see them. This year the island’s got something special up its sleeve for the Fourth.

Usually the island’s fireworks are launched from Crescent Beach and to see them everyone heads to Town Beach. It’s definitely a great time but it does mean you have to be at or close to Town Beach to see them. But this year fireworks will be visible from almost everywhere on the island. That’s because this year the fireworks will be launched from a barge off Crescent Beach. How cool is that?

So if you come to the island for the 4th, unlike other places, you won’t have to squeeze in between hundreds of people or camp out for hours on end to see the show!

Instead, you can make nearly any spot on the Block your favorite viewing spot and bring your family, friends, blankets, picnics, and more to see the fireworks. Or just camp out with a drink in hand at your favorite restaurant. A bite to eat, a drink, and fireworks sure sounds good to me.

Of course, you can still head to Town Beach (just a short walk from the ferry along Corn Neck Road) to watch the fireworks. I imagine it’ll still be a popular option and it’s always been a fun one. Sitting with your toes in the sand and watching the light show above is a unique experience.

Just remember, wherever you are on the island, the fireworks start at dusk so plan accordingly. Looking forward to a fun 4th!

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