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Baseball Cap Sunburn Is Now A Thing? Yup

by kelly / March, 22 2022 15:28

A photo of Jake Burger's hat tan or sunburn lines

It’s spring training and a time when ball players are out in the sun for long days. What’s the most important thing for them to do during spring training – practice good sun protection (and probably also practice some baseball ;). And as part of spring training Major League Baseball dolls out new hats to the players…

Unfortunately this year something was amiss with the hats they gave out. Enter Chicago White Sox third baseman Jake Burger and this picture he posted on Twitter.

As you can see Jake got a sunburn with his hat on. It seems the hats are partly made of mesh material so the sun’s rays can easily get through. You may know this type of hat as a trucker hat. In the past, the players' hats never had this mesh – they were cloth all around.

So what do you do? Well, perhaps a bit of sunscreen on his scalp would do the trick or maybe some new hats? Let’s hope the next day he made the necessary changes because I’m sure playing baseball with a sunburn doesn’t feel great!

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