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Can A Sticker Remind You to Reapply Sunscreen?

by kelly / March, 16 2022 01:30

Photo of a mom and daughter out in the sun bathing with the spotmyuv sticker on them

It’s hard to remember to reapply sunscreen every day. I run a sunscreen company and I have to remind myself to reapply (sometimes by setting alarms on my phone). But we’re all supposed to reapply ideally every two hours. So imagine my surprise when I found a sticker that helps remind you to apply sunscreen…

See Purple and You Need to Reapply

The sticker is called SPOTMYUV and works with your favorite sunscreen (hope it’s ours!). You place a small purple round sticker on your skin and apply sunscreen over it.

The sticker then turns clear and will gradually change back to purple. When the sticker goes back to purple – it’s your sign that you need to reapply.

How simple and clever is that?

Suncare Smarts

You just gotta love any hack that gets people to wear and reapply their sunscreen!

For other tricks on reapplying sunscreen check out our feature “5 Ways Your Phone Can Prevent Skin Cancer”.

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