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Is Sun Protection More Important During Warmer Months?

by kelly / March, 2 2022 01:30

Profile photo of sunglasses in the sand on a warm summer day

Most people think of sun season as the warm summer months and think more about sun protection then. Also, May is Skin Cancer Awareness month so there is more media coverage on the topic of skin cancer and sun protection. Plus folks are outdoors more and covering up less so they probably are more likely to apply sunscreen. So is sun protection just more important in the warmer months?

Sun Protection Should Be Year-Round

So let’s get to the answer right away. Sun protection should be year-round because sun damage is cumulative.

We are exposed to UV radiation from the sun every day. Yes, on those cloudy cold days UV radiation is penetrating through clouds to reach your skin. Oh, and when it snows the sun reflects off the snow giving you a double dose of UV. It’s this every day UV exposure that adds up.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation:

“You need to make sun protection part of your routine year round, not just when the summer sun is blazing and you’re relaxing by the pool. It adds up, whether it’s through the car window when you’re driving or while you’re walking in the park.”

That’s why sun protection is so important year round. We have even more for you on the topic:

Suncare Smarts

The answer to our question is simple – sun protection every day, year-round just like brushing your teeth.

For even more sun protection tips check out our Suncare Smarts series.

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