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Can Your Skin Reveal Your Overall Health

by kelly / February, 9 2022 01:30

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Your skin is your largest organ and it can surprisingly reveal a lot about your overall health. Dermatologists can tell a lot about your lifestyle and habits by looking at your skin. It’s kind of interesting that they are able to know so much about us without even talking to us. Here’s what they can tell…

Your Skin and Aging

According to dermatologist Dr. Bruce Brod the state of your skin can suggest your living habits to a trained dermatologist’s eye.

For example Dr. Brod says:

“One of the first things a dermatologist can tell by looking at someone is how much outdoor exposure they’ve had by the appearance of sun damage for their age.”

And according Dr. Brod “things like wrinkles, spots, uneven pigmentation and loss of elasticity,” are evidence on our skin of our sun exposure over time.

So they can tell if you’re an outside person and if you’ve been good about your sunscreen use Smile!

Your Skin and Sleep

Your skin can also reveal the type of sleep you are getting, especially if you’re sleep deprived.

Dermatologist Dr. Steven Daveluy can tell if you’re fatigued by how droopy and saggy your skin is and if you have dark circles under your eye. Remind me to get some good sleep before heading to the derms office.

Your Skin and Hydration

Another thing dermatologist can tell is if you’re not drinking enough fluids.

Dr. Daveluy says that “signs of dehydration is sunken-looking skin around the eyes and dry skin.” I guess that’s why when my skin feels particularly dry and flaky, I sometimes find myself a bit thirsty.

Your Skin and Smoking

I think most of us know that smoking is bad for our skin. This one doesn’t take a dermatologist to see.

Smoker’s skin is often pale or sallow in color (when your skin loses its natural complexion). They’ll often have wrinkling around their lips too.

Take Care of Your Skin

So it’s not just important to our overall health to practice sun protection, sleep well, drink lots of fluids, and not smoke – it’s also vital to keeping our skin vibrant and youthful. And while dermatologists can determine your lifestyle habits based on your skin, they can also diagnose if something serious is going on with it. Dermatologist really are your skin’s best friend.

For even more information on your skin or finding a dermatologist check out our Skin Care series.

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