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How To Prevent Chapped Lips

by kelly / February, 2 2022 01:30

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I think we’ve all had that moment when we’re talking and all of sudden something feels not right with our lips. For me it feels like each lip might split apart. Then it becomes hard to talk. That sensation is chapped lips and it’s definitely an uncomfortable feeling. So how do we prevent it?

What Causes Chapped Lips

First let’s understand what causes our lips to dry out and then we can take the necessary steps to help stop it.

According to board certified dermatologist Dr. Mona Gohara – sometimes the products we use can cause our lips to dry out. Some ingredients are more drying than others (more on that below). Another factor that chaps our lips – the environment – specifically the sun and the weather. Lots of sun exposure can damage our lips. And our lips tend to dry out more in the winter months when the temperature is colder, drier, and windier.

Tips to Prevent Chapped Lips

But the good news is there are simple solutions to this problem and they’re very similar to your daily healthy skin care tips.

  1. Moisturize – yes just like it’s so important to moisturizer your face, your lips need it too. Dr. Gohara suggest using a waxy balm with ingredients like shea butter or mineral oil. And if your lips are particularly dry, Dr. Gohara suggests a thick ointment like petroleum jelly. Apply the moisturizer several times a day and before bed.
  2. Apply Sunscreen – again another routine we should all be doing every day! Your lips need sun protection just like the rest of your face and body. Some lips balms come with SPF in them but if they don’t just add a dab of your sunscreen to your lips daily.
  3. Check Your Ingredients – Dr. Gohara suggests avoiding balms with ingredients such as lanolin, camphor, menthol, and fragrances. These ingredients can irritate and dry your lips. Instead look for balms that use shea butter, mineral oil, petrolatum, dimethicone, ceramides, and castor see oil.
  4. Hydrate – drink lots of water. Keeping your body hydrated will also reflect on your lips.
  5. Add a Humidifier – a way to increase moisture into the air especially in colder month when we are pumping the heat at home. More heat dries out make the air drier. Adding a humidifier can counterbalance that affect and help preserve your lips especially at night during sleep.

Skin Care Smarts

So there you have it, easy tips to avoid those unexpected dry lips.

And if preventing dry skin is your goal this winter – check out our Skin Care series for all your dry skin care needs.

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