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Even Elmo Wears Sunscreen

by kelly / January, 19 2022 01:30

Photo of Sesame Street friends

Elmo and friends have a message for everyone at the start of the New Year - “everyone needs to wear sunscreen.” Yes, this month Sesame Street promoted this awesome message! Hey I can’t help myself, as one of the owners of Block Island Organics, I’m excited that one of my favorite tv shows is talking about the importance of sun protection. So how did this all come about…

Naomi Osaka Wears Sunscreen

In this episode tennis superstar Naomi Osaka visited Sesame Street. She was there to teach Elmo and some of his friends how to play tennis of course. But before she headed out on the courts she told all her Sesame Street friends that they needed to put on sunscreen. Go Naomi!

It makes sense that she would think of applying sunscreen - between practicing and playing tournaments, I’m sure she’s out in the sun a lot.

Meet Super Sunscreen

During the show some of the kids asked Naomi if they really needed to wear sunscreen. That’s when my new favorite Sesame Street character of all time appeared: Super Sunscreen.

Who is Super Sunscreen? Well Super Sunscreen is a big bottle of sunscreen with a super hero cape. A little silly? Yes, but it is a kids show and fun nonetheless. According to Super Sunscreen, its purpose is to “keep skin healthy and protected from the sun.” We couldn’t agree more.

Super Sunscreen also explained to the kids that “sunscreen protects every skin shade and color from the sun,” as some kids wondered if they might not need to apply sunscreen because of the color of their skin.

Maybe I’m getting a little too excited, ha! But thanks to Super Sunscreen and Naomi all the kids applied their sunscreen and headed out to learn some major tennis skills.

Oh, and Naomi also gave all the kids and Super Sunscreen a visor to help protect their faces from the sun. We can’t help but love more sun protection.

Suncare Smarts

I gotta give it to Sesame Street for making such an adorable and fun segment about sunscreen. Who would’ve thought? Now, I’d love to meet Super Sunscreen one day.

For even more sunscreen tips and info check out our Suncare Smarts series.

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