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Can Tape – Yes, Household Tape – Prevent Wrinkles?

by kelly / November, 17 2021 01:30

Photo of woman using two pieces of facial tape on her eye

A recent skin care hack making waves on social media is the use of tape to prevent wrinkles. You might be thinking – I can use scotch tape to get rid of skin aging? Well…not exactly, though some have tried with regular tape. There is even facial tape on the market that claims to reduce wrinkles. But we say not so fast to this supposed “miracle” solution.

Facial Tape Doesn’t Last

Facial tape is often used on the red carpet by celebrities to give their face a natural face lift. Some people use them on their crows feet or forehead lines and sleep with them on overnight. The tape works to smooth out the lines on your face.

The thing is once you take the tape off, your lines come back and you’re back at square one. The smoothing effect only lasts while the tape is on and it goes away once the tape is off. So it doesn’t really prevent or treat wrinkles. It more masks them for a short time.

Tape Irritates Skin

In some instances people can have a reaction to facial tape. According to board certified dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman:

“The adhesive itself is not dangerous to your skin, though wearing it for prolonged periods of time can result in the skin not getting enough air or natural moisturization, which isn't ideal in any situation…There are cases where people develop an allergic contact dermatitis to ingredients that make up the adhesive.”

So if you are going to try it, don’t use it for long periods at a time. For example, now I’m no doctor, but it sounds like sleeping with it on might not be the best idea given how long the adhesive would be in contact with your skin.

Prevent Wrinkles with Sunscreen

Ok, so now that you know facial tape isn’t a real long term solution – what is? Well daily sun protection, like wearing sunscreen, is your best weapon at preventing skin aging.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation – sunlight is the number one cause of premature skin aging. So protect your skin from the sun to fight those wrinkles!

Skin Care Smarts

So there you have it – sure use that facial tape for a night out on the town if you want a quick way to smooth out some facial lines but prepared for those lines to come back once you take the tape. And if you don’t want to have to hide wrinkles in the first place, apply that sunscreen!

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