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Rachel Maddow Says Early Skin Cancer Detection Saved Her

by kelly / October, 27 2021 01:30

Photo of Rachel Maddow

Early skin cancer detection can save lives. Rachel Maddow, MSNBC anchor, experienced that first hand. She recently revealed that she had skin cancer surgery on her neck. Thanks to detecting her skin cancer early she was able to prevent something worse from happening. She also took a moment on air, on her show, to address her skin cancer. Here’s what she had to say.

Rachel Maddow Advocates for Regular Skin Checks

Unfortunately skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in America. But according to the Skin Cancer Foundation it is for the most part preventable and treatable if detected early. That’s why regular skin checks are so important.

As Rachel Maddow said on her show:

“I want to use this moment to tell you something, which is: you should get checked…If you've got moles like I do, just get on a schedule with your doctor."

To find out more about how to do regular skin checks, check out these features on our site:

Thankfully Rachel’s partner and her hair dresser both noticed that the mole on her neck was changing. The neck is a hard place to see which is one example why it’s really helpful to have a trusted partner or family member check your skin regularly.

Rachel said "(I) did a biopsy, turns out it was skin cancer. Skin cancer accounts for the vast majority of cancers diagnosed in the United States,…They got it, they got all of it. I'm good, I have clear margins and everything."

That’s great news for her.

Skin Cancer Smarts

I’m glad Rachel took the time on her show to make a PSA for skin cancer checks. Early detection is key and everyone can and should do it!

For even more skin cancer facts, news and tips check out our Skin Cancer series.

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