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Discovering Block Island: Kangaroos, Alpacas, Zedonks and More

by kelly / September, 15 2021 01:30

Photo of the alpacas at The 1661 Farm on Block Island, RI

Did you know that on Block Island there is a yak, emu, zedonk, lemurs, alpacas and kangaroos just to name a few? And did you know you can actually visit these animals and even pet and feed some of them? Yes, the island has it all – sun, surf, sand and a baby joey!

The 1661 Farm

Where can you find all these amazing creatures? At The 1661 Inn Farm and Gardens. The farm is tucked along a hillside meadow across the street from the 1661 Inn. The 1661 Inn is located at 5 Spring St on the island.

The farm was started by Justin Abrams, who passed away in 2016. He had a passion and love for animals and wanted to share them with everyone on island. Today the farm is run by his grandsons who continue to carry out his vision. It’s a farm because they also grow vegetables there.

No Entry Charge

Entry to the farm is free and you can see the animals from dawn to dusk year-round. Where else in the world can you do something like that?

Plus, there are bags of feed available for a dollar that you can feed to the animals.

Be Amongst the Animals

We just recently visited the farm. I have to admit I didn’t really go until we had my daughter. And she loves it! I think she was in the chicken coop for an hour – hanging out and talking to all of them.

Her second favorite, or maybe first – I’m not sure, part of the farm was the alpacas. You can get up close and personal with them. My daughter was able to feed and pet them. We actually got to see them before and after a fur trimming which was very neat. I now have a new respect for alpacas - they are just some of the coolest and chilliest animals around.

Also, the alpacas’ fur is spun into yarn on the island by North Light Fibers. North Light is a

“…Micro Yarn Mill where we produce handcrafted artisanal yarns made 100% on Block Island. The natural fibers are handled over 20 times as we take the fiber from shearing and dyeing to carding, spinning and plying to create deep hued and heathery color blends. We also work with women owned and disadvantaged weaving and knitting centers to create beautiful garments and home décor items from our yarn.”

I love their mission!

Discovering Block Island

The 1661 farm is truly a gem and worth a visit anytime you’re on Block Island. I think my daughter wanted to live there.

For even more treasures and secrets about the island check out our Discovering Block Island series.


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