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Free Skin Cancer Screening Coming to A City Near You

by kelly / September, 1 2021 01:30

Photo of the Skin Cancer Foundation Destination Healthy Skin RV

Very few things in life are free. And if it’s free I tend to be a little suspicious. Well that’s not the case with this awesome program organized by the Skin Cancer Foundation. From August through November the Skin Cancer Foundation will be traveling to 21 communities across the United States and offering free skin cancer screenings and education programs!

Destination Healthy Skin

The name of the program is Destination Healthy Skin. It’s a mobile trailer driving across America called the Destination Healthy Skin RV.

The RV is suited with two private exam rooms where dermatologists perform skin screenings. While waiting for your screening program managers will answer questions and provide skin cancer detection and prevention info.

Sounds like a pretty sweet ride to me!

Coming to A City Near You

Destination Healthy Skin will cross America and go to 21 communities. The program kicked off in August and will run through November.

For a full list of the cities check out here.

So far according to the foundation it’s:

  • Completed 25,000+ screenings
  • Found 10,000+ potential skin cancers and precancers
  • Passed out educational and sun protection products & materials to thousands of people

That’s impressive.

Suncare Smarts

Even if you don’t get a chance to get a free screening, remember it’s always important to check our skin frequently and to see a doctor regularly. Your skin health matters.

For even more sun protection and skin cancer tips check out our Suncare Smarts series.

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