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Cat-Rat Reminds Us to Put On Our Sunscreen

by kelly / August, 19 2021 01:30

Photo of Gabby's Dollhouse

Who is Cat-Rat you might be asking? Well he’s one of the furry friends on my daughter’s favorite TV show right now. The show is called Gabby’s Dollhouse and streams on Netflix. Its second season just came out this month. Of course my four year old is ecstatic. I was excited to watch the new season with her, especially when I saw Cat-Rat remind one of the other characters on the show to wear sunscreen!

Gabby’s Dollhouse – A Great Show for Kids

So what is this show all about and how did sunscreen come up? First the show is about a real girl named Gabby that can shrink down to doll size and play with her cat friends. When she shrinks down she turns into a cartoon and all her cat friends are animated.

Every episode she unboxes a surprise aka a “dollhouse delivery” that she plays with in her magical dollhouse full of cats. These surprises include DIY crafts, sleepovers, movie nights, birthday parties and more.

My favorite part is the name of the cats from Pandy Paws to Cat-Phone to Cakey Cat to MerCat to Cat-Rat. It’s a delightful show from some of the producers of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Blue’s Clues.

Rule Number One On the Beach – Must Wear Sunscreen

So what about sunscreen and Cat-Rat? Well in the episode a new character named Peter the Panda Bear, Gabby, and Pandy Paws are having a fun beach day. But then Cat-Rat reminds Pete that he needs to put on his sunscreen.

In fact Cat-Rat tells Pete that beach rule number one is that everyone on the beach must wear sunscreen! Cat-Rat is the beach patrol in this episode and I love it! Of course Pete, Gabby and Pandy Paws all dutifully apply their sunscreen.

You can see the fun exchange in the clip below...

Sun Smart Fun

It’s great that my daughter gets to hear about sunscreen not just from me but from some of her favorite characters on TV. I find it awesome when she learns something helpful from the shows she watches.

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