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Mark Zuckerberg Put his Sunscreened Face on a Surfboard?

by kelly / July, 14 2021 01:30

Photo of Mark Zuckerberg's surfboard with his sunscreened face on it

Here’s another fun sunscreen story for you. Apparently there are people out there that can customize the graphics on a surfboard. In this case someone’s face was put on a board. And not just any face; the face of a sunscreened Mark Zuckerberg - the CEO of Facebook. In fact, he had it done himself. Why?

So, a while back the internet was making fun of him for the amount of sunscreen he was wearing on his face while surfing in Hawaii. The photo of him surfing got turned into a thousand memes.

I think Mark, as they call it, “flipped the script” on the internet and put this photo on his surfboard. The very thing the internet was taking him to town for – it’s all very meta Smile.

I was of course excited that Mark was practicing good sun protection habits and wearing plenty of sunscreen. I think he took the right approach to his sunscreen application – if he’s like my husband (also co-founder of Block Island Organics) – they both have sensitive skin and any sun exposure slightly above average causes their skin to turn red and burn.

And I know my husband would rather be made fun of by the internet than suffer a sunburn and potentially long term skin damage or even skin cancer!

I’ve only gone surfing a handful of times but I might have to get a surfboard with my face on it (or maybe my husband’s, he’d kill me – ha!). Hey it might give me inspiration to surf more and, at the very least, it’s a friendly reminder to wear and reapply sunscreen as I’m surfing.

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