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Gwyneth Paltrow Angers Dermatologists Everywhere

by kelly / April, 7 2021 01:30

Picture of Gwyneth Paltrow on a red carpet eventImage © Red Carpet Report

Dermatologists are not happy with Gwyneth Paltrow right now. Why? Well it all started when she shared a video of her skin care routine for Vogue. In the video she shows herself applying sunscreen to only a few spots on her face – like it’s a highlighter. Or, as Gwyneth calls it, “the area where the sun really hits.” Now, I think we know why dermatologists don’t agree with her sunscreen application method…

The Sun Hits Everywhere, So Everywhere Needs Protection

In the video Gwyneth only applied sunscreen on her nose, the tops of her cheekbones and a bit of her upper lip and chin but we know the sun hits every part of our exposed skin.

As dermatologist Dr. Barry D. Goldman explains - neglecting spots of your face is

"almost looking for trouble…I do think it's a bad message: 80-90% of all skin cancers are on the face and neck…I've seen many tumors on the eyelids or around the eyes, the forehead. Basically, the whole face should be covered... We think of the whole face as a high-risk area for skin cancer."

Based on Dr. Goldman’s advice and the advice of most dermatologists, your sunscreen shouldn’t be used like a highlighter. You need to apply enough of it and apply it everywhere.

How Much Sunscreen Should You Apply? Probably More Than You Think

Gwyneth also admitted that she’s “not a head to toe slatherer of sunscreen.” Is she right? How much is enough? Should you slather it on?

Well, the recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation is the:

“equivalent of a shot glass (two tablespoons) of sunscreen to the exposed areas of the face and body – a nickel-sized dollop to the face alone.”

That’s why when it comes to sunscreen, at least for me, more is never bad Smile. Slather away!

Gwyneth Mis-understood

After the controversy about her video came out, Gwyneth’s team released the following statement:

"In the Vogue video, Gwyneth applies sunscreen to her entire face, though the video is edited down for timing’s sake and does not show the full application…Her comment specifically says she does not ‘slather it head to toe’ over her entire body but she addresses the importance of sun protection and mineral sunscreen, which deflects rays off of your skin, rather than absorbing them, as chemical sunscreens do. We’re huge proponents of SPF at goop and always advise that people should consult their dermatologists to find out what is right for them.”

It’s good her team came out with a statement as Gwyneth has a large platform with millions of followers and fans. I’m sure many people take what she says to heart.

Fortunately, it seems like she may actually apply sunscreen to her entire face and definitely values the benefits of sunscreen, especially mineral sunscreen!

Suncare Smarts

For me, the net of all this controversy is that we should always take skin care advice from experts like our dermatologist instead of celebrities – even though I admit, I find it fun to hear what they say. Heck, even Gwyneth’s team said to consult your dermatologist in their statement.

And in the end, it can be good when these controversies happen because they remind us all about the importance of sun protection and sunscreen!

For even more sun protection and sunscreen tips check out our Suncare Smarts series.

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