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Ingredient Truths: Moisturize & Soothe Your Skin with Jojoba Seed Oil

by kelly / December, 16 2020 01:30

Photo of a jojoba seed oil in a glass container with a dropper

One of the main goals when we create products is to use ingredients made from earth. We believe that there are so many wonderful natural plant ingredients that offer great benefits to our health. One ingredient that we couldn’t resist was jojoba seed oil. It’s an amazing botanical with intrinsic moisturizing and soothing features.

Jojoba Moisturizes

Jojoba Seed Oil (aka Simmondsia Chinensis) comes from seed of the jojoba plant. The oil is known for its stability, long shelf-life, and ability to survive in high temperatures.

Jojoba is also a humectant ingredient which means it helps seal in moisture into your skin.

Additionally, jojoba’s composition is very similar to sebum, the natural oil our body produces. So jojoba won’t clog your pores and can help to regulate sebum production to keep your skin smooth and moisturized.

Finally, jojoba oil is packed with fatty acids that can also help soften and soothe skin.

Jojoba Soothes

Jojoba also boasts a ton of antioxidant power due to its high concentration of vitamin E. Vitamin E is known for its ability to potentially help reduce inflammation and to fight oxidative stress caused by the environment.

Some studies have also shown that jojoba seed oil offers antibacterial and antifungal properties. According to Dr. Alan Durkin “jojoba oil has a high amount of iodine, which fights bacterial growth that can lead to breakouts”.

Block Island Organics and Jojoba Seed Oil

Due to jojoba’s hydrating and comforting nature we of course had to include it in our products. As a result, it’s a foundational ingredient in our Organic Revitalizing Night Cream and Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30.

Ingredient Truths

We love packing our products with the best ingredients from the earth to make your skin glow. For even more about our ingredients check out Our Ingredients page or our Ingredient Truths blog series.


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