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Discovering Block Island: Lobster Pot Christmas Tree In 2020

by kelly / December, 9 2020 01:30

Picture of Lobster Pot Christmas Tree on Block Island, RIImage © BI Chamber of Commerce

The holidays may feel and look a little different this year and while many things have changed in our world some traditions are still the same (albeit with some slight modifications) – like Block Island’s annual lobster pot Christmas Tree. To continue the annual festivities, this year on Thanksgiving Day the lights on this 10 year tradition lit up.

Lobster Pot Christmas Tree – A 10 Year Tradition

While the festivities around the tree building were canceled and the construction team limited, what was the same was the fantastic tree.

For the last 10 years Turtle and Heather Hatfield have been making this tree come to life in Esta’s Park on Block Island. This year was no exception.

2020 Lobster Pot Christmas Tree

How do they do it? Well, this year 202 lobster pots were used to the construct the tree! It was a two-day project that started on November 21st, 2020.

Over two days the Hatfields and their small crew of workers built the tree with pots, added lights, buoys and a blinking light at the top of the tree.

Finally on Thanksgiving Day 2020 at dusk the lights on the tree were turned on.

Awesome Block Island Community

And of course the Block Island community was excited to see the tradition continue. Even though islanders couldn’t come close during construction; it didn’t stop them from driving by, honking, and making donations.

Some changes where inevitable. For example, instead of the traditional bake sale that goes along with the lobster pot construction festivities – a donation jar was placed at the entrance of the park. It’s great to see that continue as all donations go towards the park maintenance.

Of course the most important detail to remember about the tree – at least I think it is - is that you can’t climb it as the pots aren’t strong enough to hold a person’s weight. It looks tempting, doesn’t it? But you can definitely come marvel at it.

Discovering Block Island

It’s an awesome Block Island tradition and so wonderful that it could be continued during this hectic year.

Happy Holidays and for even more on Block Island traditions check out our Discovering Block Island series.

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