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Do I Need Sunscreen If I’m Wearing A Mask?

by kelly / July, 15 2020 01:30

Picture of a girl outside in the sun wearing a mask

We’ve all been adjusting to new norms in our life in the last few months. One is having to wear a mask when we go out. Now that many of us are wearing masks when we’re out and about, is sunscreen still necessary?

It’s Always Sunscreen + Mask Outside

The answer to that question is YES. Good habits (I hope it’s a habit) like applying SPF don’t go away just because we now have a mask on. A mask doesn’t give us full protection. Many of these masks only cover about half our face.

As board certified dermatologist Dr. Shari Sperling explains:

"I always recommend wearing full coverage SPF and to reapply often, even when wearing a protective face mask…Although these masks cover a portion of the face, you should still wear SPF to ensure protection from harmful UV rays."

So don’t skimp on the sunblock when you’re heading out with your mask on.

Another good reason to wear sunscreen – you don’t want to get racoon face. Oh what’s that? Well it’s when part of your face tans because you forget the sunscreen. It happens a lot on the slopes when people wear ski goggles and don’t apply sunscreen to the bottom half of their face. It’s not the best look and can be avoided with some SPF!

It’s Also Sunscreen + Mask Inside

Oh and if you’re wearing the mask indoors – you’ll need sunscreen as well. Most standard glass windows block UVB rays but not UVA rays. Unfortunately UVA rays can cause major sun damage like skin aging and skin cancer.

Not convinced? Check out our article “Staying Inside? Dermatologists Say You Still Need to Wear Sunscreen” to see what the experts have to say.

In then end, SPF is just something we must apply every day to keep our skin healthy and safe, regardless of Coronavirus/Covid.

Suncare Smarts

So do right by your health in these times, wear sunscreen and the mask together.

For even more sunscreen news and tips check out our Suncare Smarts blog series.

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