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Can You Get A Tan Wearing SPF?

by kelly / June, 24 2020 01:30

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Ask any dermatologist and they will say that wearing SPF or sunscreen is a must every day. The benefits of wearing SPF or sunscreen are enormous - from preventing skin cancer to slowing skin aging to preventing sunburn. So you definitely should not forgo sunscreen to get a tan. But will you still get a tan while wearing SPF or sunscreen?

It’s Not Safe to Purposely Tan

First off let’s talk about tanning. A tan is your skin’s response to being damaged by the sun. The UV radiation from the sun is causing DNA damage and speeding up the aging of your skin. A tan is your skin’s reaction to this.

So for your skin’s health – don’t purposely tan. Also, it’s a myth that a base tan with protect your skin from the sun. It doesn’t and it’s damaging to your skin.

Sunscreen Reduces Your Ability To Tan

Sunscreen or an SPF product protects you against harmful UV rays however you might still get tan while wearing it. That’s because no SPF or sunscreen can block 100% of the sun’s UV rays. For example an SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays.

Nevertheless, a sunblock significantly reduces your ability to tan. And all the experts agree that your exposure to sun damage will be much less if your wear it.

Tanning Facts

You will still get some tan when using sunblock (or any SPF product) but it will be reduced and your skin will be better protected.

Bottom line – don’t tan on purpose, don’t skip the sunscreen, oh, and be sure to reapply.

Practice Good Sun Protection

So, is there anything else you should do? In addition to wearing sunscreen – there are other ways to also help protect your skin from sun damage.

For instance you can consider avoiding the sun during peak sun hours or seek shade from 10AM to 4PM. Also covering up helps – wide brimmed hats, sunglasses, and long sleeved clothing are all great.

For more facts vs. fiction on tanning check out our Tanning blog series. And don't forget to check out our line of SPF products in case you're looking for a natural sunscreen.

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