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Coronavirus/COVID-19 and Block Island Organics

by kelly / March, 25 2020 01:30

Photo of a Block Island beach on and the word stay safe

First and foremost we hope everyone is staying safe during this difficult time. We want to acknowledge these are not easy times which is why we wanted to take a moment to let you know the safety precautions we’ve put in place and how the island, Block Island itself, is coping.

Block Island Organics Safety Precautions

Our company is run by just myself and my husband. Any order from our website is picked, packed, and then delivered to the post office to be shipped by him or me.

We are both practicing social distancing, washing hands regularly, trying to avoid touching our faces, and checking the CDC website daily for updated recommendations. We have also implemented the following procedures regarding any order placed on our website.

  1. Cleaning and disinfecting our fulfillment and shipping area everyday
  2. Washing our hands thoroughly before handling any product
  3. If either myself or my husband becomes sick, we will refrain from handling and shipping any orders. We have a backup fulfillment method which would not require us to handle any orders and would implement that as quickly as possible
  4. We will update our website to reflect any changes. As always, thank you for being part of our Block Island Organics family.

Block Island Travel Update

So what is happening on the island itself? Well, while Block Island’s lifeline services – the ferry and plane – remain running, the island strongly encourages postponing visiting at this time for both practical (things are closed) and medical (the island’s medical resources are extremely limited) reasons.

All restaurants, bars, and coffee shops have been ordered closed (except for take-out services) by the Rhode Island Government. It’s probably a better idea to visit the island when services are running.

Another reason to postpone is so you don’t unnecessarily tax the island’s limited medical resources. Remember the island has only approximately 1,000 residents year-round.

Please also heed this advice from Block Island’s doctor:

“As the situation evolves on the mainland, Block Island has a golden window of opportunity to protect our community: It is imperative that we adhere to common-sense guidelines previously distributed and posted again below to prevent virus transmission. Emergence of COVID-19 on Block Island would quickly over-run our limited island medical resources. It is safest for families and individuals to behave as if the virus is already here; to avoid unnecessary outings and to practice social distancing. We know that COVID-19 is easily transmissible, even in the absence of symptoms, through the air and by direct contact. For this reason, at this time, social distancing applies.”

When the time comes, Block Island looks forward to welcoming all visitors back and to providing a fantastic island experience. That time just isn’t now.

Stay Safe

We look forward to a time when we can all connect directly again but in the meantime it’s a great opportunity to catch up on all the TV you missed.

Most importantly, we share a love for family, friends, health and the well-being of our local communities so we want to wish everyone good health. Stay safe.

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