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Behind the Scenes: We’re Working on a New Sunscreen for You

by kelly / March, 11 2020 01:30

Photo of bottles of Block Island Organic's new sunscreen sample formulations

Ok, I admit I’m biased but I’ve been working non-stop for what feels like two years of my life on developing a great new addition to our mineral sunscreen line. Why? Because I honestly believe sunscreen is the best anti-aging weapon and sun protection is vital to our health. So I wanted to expand our line of sunscreens to offer more options for you. Plus, I personally want more options as an avid sunscreen wearer myself.

Holy Grail of Sunscreen Coming

So what are we doing – we’re working on a new water-resistant mineral, zinc only, sunscreen that goes on clear and doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a layer of paint. And it’s made from natural and certified organic ingredients. Yes, I think we’re close to achieving the holy grail Laughing.

This week I’m testing what I hope is our final sample formulation of the sunscreen. We actually like two sample formulations. Both use a combination of clear zincs and we’re interested to see how they perform.

In fact, we may put both up for FDA testing. As you may or may not know – all sunscreen sold in the U.S. needs to go through SPF and Broad Spectrum testing. Any samples we want to turn into a finished product have to go through these two tests and others.

Our goal is to go into testing next month.

New Sunscreen – Two Years In The Making

I know if you’re like me – you want it now. However, it’s going to take a bit for us to get it on the market. I mean, it’s taken two years just to get the sunscreen samples to where they are now.

It’s taken us a long time because we’re not a big company – it’s just me and my husband doing everything here at Block Island Organics. And sometimes when you’re small, you don’t always take priority in development, sourcing, testing, and production. For all these things we work with amazing certified partners but it does take time.

Also we’ve gotten close on a few formulas but unfortunately they’d often pass SPF or Broad Spectrum testing but not both. We’ve also created a number of test formulas that came out too whitening or too heavy.

It’s a balance to get the right amount and right kind of zinc to provide the best protection, feel, and clarity. It’s been hard to find the perfect balance and I hope we’re finally there.

Of course, if neither of these samples pass testing we’ll have to go at it again.

Check Back Often For The Best Sunscreen

I’ll definitely keep you up to date on the ups and downs of getting our new sunscreen out for sale.

Now, if you want all the latest happenings in our world and what new products we have upcoming check out our Behind The Scenes blog series. Particularly because not only do we have a new sunscreen coming – but we’re also working on an Organic Serum and Organic Exfoliator! I’ll have more on these two products soon.

In the meantime – don’t forget to check out our Natural Face Moisturizer SPF 30 and Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30. They’ll provide you with awesome sun protection year-round.

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