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Ingredient Truths: Nourish Your Skin with Avocado

by kelly / February, 5 2020 01:30

Photo of a cut open avocado

I love multifaceted ingredients that are good for our bodies both on the inside and out. Avocados are just that type of ingredient. The oil extracted from the flesh of an avocado is used in skin care products to help moisturize, heal, and prevent skin aging.

Avocado Moisturizes Deeply

Avocado (FYI its official name in skin care products is persea gratissima) is a superfood because it’s nutrient dense. Avocado oil is packed with lipids and vitamin A, E, and D.

These fatty acids and vitamins are easily absorbed into the skin and can penetrate and nourish the different skin layers. Avocado is highly moisturizing and can help the skin maintain its moisture barrier.

Avocado is Healing

For people with sensitive and dry skin, avocado oil can offer gentle and non-irritating relief. In fact one study found B-12 cream infused with avocado oil was an effective treatment for chronic plaque psoriasis.

Another study found avocado oil in combination with tea tree, emu, and jojoba oils had positive antimicrobial effects.

Avocado is Anti-Aging

Avocado oil contains one of the highest concentrations of lutein and zeaxanthin in any fruit or vegetable. Lutein and zeaxanthin are cartenoids which are plant pigments. A study found these pigments help protect the skin from sun damage (from both UV and visible radiation).

Of course any avocado oil or product with avocado oil should be used in combination with a sunscreen and additional good sun protection measures to truly protect.

Block Island Organics Features Avocado

Yes, of course we have avocado oil in our products! We believe nature is the best source of ingredients. It’s a featured ingredient in our Cleanser and Night Cream. So our cleanser is gentle and doesn’t strip your skin of it’s natural oils and our night cream is replenishing and will hydrate your skin overnight.

Ingredient Truths

There’s nothing better than ingredients that are delicious to eat but also offer superior skin care benefits. And you can’t beat a superfood ingredient like avocado.

For even more information on the ingredients we source from nature check out Our Ingredients page and our Ingredient Truths blog series.


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