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New Study Finds Sun Exposure Leads to Skin Dehydration & Hidden Damage

by kelly / December, 4 2019 01:30

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We love the sun but too much of it without any protection leads to big skin problems like sunburn, sun damage, and skin cancer - unfortunately, things we are all pretty familiar with. A new study found three more things: a new way to measure photodamage, prolonged sun exposure decreases skin water content, and sun exposue increases in skin surface roughness.

Biophotons Show Sun Exposure Increases Hidden Skin Damage

The research was conducted by the Kao Corporation, a cosmetics ingredients supplier based in Japan. Kao studied biophotons as a way to measure the skin’s photoaging. Interestingly, biophotons are actually emitted by the body.

They discovered that measuring the level of biophotons 1 to 3 minutes after UV exposure is a great way to measure UV-induced lipid peroxides. In turn it’s been found that UV-induced lipid peroxides represent hidden skin damage.

Ultimately, this means that sun exposure likely increases hidden skin damage. They can tell this because sun exposure increases the level of biophotons. It’s kind of convoluted but makes sense in the end.

UV Skin Damage Decreases Skin Water Content & Increases Skin Roughness

As far as water content, their findings showed that UV damage “tended to be related to decreased water content in the stratum corneum.” As I understand it, this means that UV exposure dehydrates the skin – which isn’t too surprising but is nice to know.

The study also found that UV exposure “increased skin surface roughness.” How did they determine these findings? Well, 43 women were divided into indoor and outdoor group according to their history of sun exposure from age 6 to present. Researchers found water content in the skin was significantly lower and skin surface roughness was significantly increased in the outdoor group as compared with the indoor group.

In all researchers concluded:

“Daily UV exposure can lead to accumulation of photodamage in skin, which is more apparent in damage-sensitive skin with possibly greater biophoton generation."

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My interpretation of this study? Apply that sunscreen and stay safe in the sun not only to protect your skin but to keep it looking supple and healthy!

We love keeping you up to date on the latest research and news about your skin. Check out our Studies blog series to stay informed.

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