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How To Manage Oily Skin

by kelly / October, 16 2019 01:30

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We’ve talked a lot about dry skin but what about its opposite - oily skin? While oily skin can have its benefits, it helps preserve the skin and people with it tend to have thicker skin and fewer wrinkles; it also has its challenges from clogged pores to increased acne. Striking a balance between the good and the bad of oily skin generally takes a few key steps.

Below are recommendations from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

Wash Your Face

Wash your face in the morning, at night, and after working out. With all that washing, the key is not to scrub your face harshly as that can irritate the skin. So think gentle cleansing…

Use a Gentle Cleanser

There’s a myth out there that you need to use a strong face cleanser for oily skin to dry the skin out. That’s actually incorrect as harsh cleansers can irritate the skin and trigger more oil production. Opt for gentle and mild cleansers instead.

Wear Sunscreen

Apply that sunscreen if you’re heading outdoors. No matter if you have oily or dry skin sunscreen is a must, it prevents sun damage including wrinkles, age spots, and even skin cancer.

If you’re prone to acne the AAD suggest looking for sunscreens that use zinc and/or titanium. We selfishly couldn’t agree more - as our sunscreens are zinc only Smile.

Apply a Moisturizer Everyday

Even if you have oily skin, it’s still important to keep skin hydrated according to the AAD. They suggest looking for a moisturizer that contains a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 to save on time. Again we agree with the AAD and have just that product: our Natural Face Moisturizer SPF 30. I promise we didn’t pay the AAD for all this great advice!

Don’t Sleep in Your Makeup

Sleeping in your makeup is not good for your skin. You should always wash your face to remove makeup before heading to bed. Why? Well not washing your makeup off can lead to acne, skin irritation, and eye irritation.

Don’t Touch Your Face

I touch my face all the time throughout the day and I know it spreading the dirt, oil, and bacteria from my hands to my face.

The only time you should be touching your face is when you’re cleansing, moisturizing, or applying sunscreen or makeup. And of course do it with clean hands. It’s hard to do, and probably unrealistic to avoid completely, but it can help if you minimize it.

Skin Care Tips

For the most part we can manage our skin issues with simple, daily, and healthy skin care habits. And if we can’t due to genetics or other factors, it’s always best to consult a doctor or dermatologist.

If you want to learn more about other skin conditions and recommendations check out our Skin Care or Education blog series.

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