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Your Skin: What Gives It Its Color?

by kelly / April, 10 2019 01:30

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Everyone’s skin is different – in texture, appearance, and color. But even though our skin can be worlds apart, we all have many things in common. For example the same thing determines everyone’s skin color. Yes, whether you’re pale or dark or any shade in between, it all comes from the same thing. So come along with me and let’s find out more…

Melanin Gives Us Color

Our skin’s color is determined by melanin or otherwise known as pigment.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, every person actually has about the same number of cells that make melanin but these cells don’t all make the same amount of melanin. A bit of a brainteaser and this difference accounts for why we all have varying skin colors.

More Melanin Makes Skin Darker

The more melanin our skin makes, the darker our skin, and how much melanin our skin makes is a result of our genetics. So you’ll have to thank your parents for your beautiful; skin.

Melanin Needs Sunscreen’s Help

When we go out in the sun our body makes more melanin – it’s actually the body’s way to protect our skin from the sun and is why we tan and burn (both are signs of skin damage). But your skin’s melanin can only do so much, which is why it needs help from sunscreen and other sun protection methods.

Now while people with paler skin are more likely to tan and burn, even dark-skinned folks need sun protection. Everyone is susceptible to skin damage and skin cancer according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. This makes sun protection essential for everyone.

Your Skin

Our skin is an amazing – that’s why its so important to protect it year-round. Sunscreen is one essential part and there are many others. So for even more sun protection tips check out our Suncare Smarts blog series.

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