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Do Your Eyelids Need Sunscreen?

by kelly / March, 27 2019 01:30

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The answer is simple – yes, your eyelids need sunscreen. And now you might be asking why? Or, more importantly, how am I supposed to get sunscreen on my eyelids without getting stuff in my eyes? Well we’re here to help and it’s actually all manageable with the right application and right sunblock.

Your Eyelids Can Get Sunburned

The truth is every part of your body that’s exposed to the sun needs sunblock. We say it often and it’s fact – the sun is the leading cause of skin damage and premature skin aging.

As dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner explains:

“The eyelids are one of the most commonly forgotten areas to be protected from the sun…Just like any other part of the face, the eyelids can develop a sunburn.”

Ok but you may ask – hey my eyes are open most of the time so my eyelids aren’t really exposed to the sun that often? But Dr. Zeichner says, “even with the eyes open, the exposed eyelid skin is still at risk." Of course if you’re on the beach laying out with your eyes closed – definitely do not forget the sunscreen.

Sunburn on your body is bad enough but on the eyelids – can you imagine if you couldn’t open your eyes because it hurt too much from sunburn? So stay protected and your eyes and skin will thank you.

Apply Mineral Sunblock to Your Eyelids

Now that you know why your eyelids need sunscreen, what should you use on them? One major issue we’ve all experienced is sunscreen that stings the eyes. We can solve that for you!

If you’re eyes are sensitive Dr. Zeichner says go for a mineral sunblock because:

“sunscreens that contain chemical UV blockers are effective, they can be potentially irritating to the eyelids.”

We just happen to know some good mineral sunblock products Laughing: our Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 and our Natural Face Moisturizer SPF 30.

Another option some people might reach for eye shadow with SPF. It’s a good start but not enough. Dr. Zeichner says that “eyeshadow with sunscreen in it can help protect eyelid skin…However, it should be used in combination with traditional sunscreen. Similar to facial powder sunscreens, eyeshadows need to be applied in a thick enough layer to offer adequate protection."

So apply a layer of your favorite sunscreen or SPF product, preferably a mineral only one, to your eyelids first and then feel free to add that eye shadow.

That’s it. Pretty simple.

Suncare Smarts

Spring is here so it’s time to get your sun protection on and eye protection is just one aspect. I know you’ve been on it all year long but it’s always good for a refresher. So check out our Suncare Smarts blog series for the latest and greatest on your skin, the sun, and staying safe in the sun.

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