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Ingredient Truths: Make Your Skin Glow with Olive Oil

by kelly / January, 16 2019 01:30

Photo of olives submerged in olive oil in a glass bowl

Cleopatra was a big fan of olive oil. Supposedly she used daily to moisturize and to give her skin a radiant glow. Yes ,even thousands of years ago skin care was a thing! It’s actually pretty simple to understand why olive oil was an important component of Cleopatra’s skin care routine and a vital ingredient in our skin care products. Here’s why…

Olive Oil Hydrates the Skin

Dry skin can make our complexion look dull and aged while well-moisturized skin looks healthy and vibrant. That’s why keeping our skin moisturized is great. Ingredients like olive oil (aka olea europaea it’s official scientific name) can really help in this process.

Olive oil is high in antioxidants that fight free radical damage. It also has a lot of squalene that is extremely hydrating as it is an oil that mimics the skin’s natural sebum. In turn, sebum is a main ingredient in our body’s natural oils – specifically it’s an oil produced by our body’s glands to coat, moisturize, and protect our skin.

Dr. Paul Lorenc further explains:

“With the added benefits of antioxidants and a hydrating squalene, it moisturizes the delicate skin in the eye area, plus nourishes eyelashes the same way conditioner works on the hair.”

As you can see, even the most sensitive areas of our skin can benefit from olive oil so it’s no wonder that Cleopatra loved it so much.

Block Island Organics and Olive Oil

An ingredient fit for a queen had to make it into our products. Plus we believe moisturizing is one of the key foundations of any skin care regimen. So there was no better ingredient that checked off everything on our list.

As a result olive oil is a featured ingredient in our Organic Revitalizing Night Cream and Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser.

More Ingredient Truths

Olive oil is an ingredient we love for its history and for its many skin glowing benefits.

In fact there’s a story behind everyone one of our ingredients. Find out how and why we chose all the ingredients in our products in our Ingredient Truths blog series.


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