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Julia Roberts’ 3 Keys to Looking Young: Sunscreen, Cleansing, and Moisturizing

by kelly / December, 12 2018 01:30

Picture of Julia Roberts at a red carpet eventImage © Mr. Bombdiggity

It’s really the foundation of any good skin care routine – wearing sunscreen everyday, washing your face at least once a day, and moisturizing often. So it’s no wonder that it’s the basics of Julia Robert’s skin care routine and why she looks so fantastic at 51! With a new movie out she’s been promoting her film and showcasing her beautiful skin…

Sunscreen Daily

Yes, Julia Roberts wears sunscreen daily and not only does she protect herself she also does it for her kids. I have to give this reminder here – the effects of sun damage are cumulative so the earlier we start good sun protection habits (yes when we are kids!) the better.

As Roberts recently told People: “as a responsible parent with three kids who love to be outdoors, I rely totally on a good sunblock”.

Wash Your Face

Roberts always removes her make-up every night. And I’m sure she has worn her fair share of makeup throughout her career. It’s probably why she makes it a priority to wash her face.

It’s so important to clean your face at least once a day to remove any makeup, dirt, and/or build-up so your skin can refresh, rest, and repair itself.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

“Before I get on an airplane, which I am doing today, I pile up on the skin-care products. You couldn’t hug me because I would just slip right away from you.” That’s how Roberts describes her moisturizing routine to Hollywood Life.

She obviously likes a lot of moisturizer! Hydrating her skin is key – especially when she is about to travel. Check out our post “Skin 101: The Four Best Times to Apply a Moisturizer” to get tips on how and when to moisturize your skin.

Great Skin Care for Everyone

So there you have it – Julia Roberts’ routine but you don’t have to be a celebrity to have fabulous glowing skin as you age. All you need is solid skin care and sunscreen, cleansing, and moisturizing is an awesome one to follow.

To find more tips on creating and maintaining an excellent skin care regimen check out our Skin Care and Education blog series.

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