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Skin 101: The Four Best Times to Apply a Moisturizer

by kelly / October, 24 2018 01:30

Photo of a woman's hands as she applies a dollop of moisturizer to them

Moisturizing your skin is a must. It’s one of the foundations of good skin care. But knowing how and when to moisturize your skin is just as important as the product you use. So it’s time to get it right and make your skin glow.

1. After Washing

When your skin is damp, it’s the best time to lock in moisture. According to the American Academy of Dermatology – you should moisturize your skin after you wash your face or jump out of the bath or shower.

2. In the Morning

Before you head out, help protect your skin for the day and get it off to a great start.

Make sure to combine any moisturizer with a sunscreen or use a combination product that provides broad spectrum SPF protection and hydration.

3. At Night

Put your skin to work for you while you sleep!

According to dermatologist

Dr. Rachel Nazarian: “Skin cells do their greatest renewal and repair while you sleep at night, so applying hydration and moisturizer [at night] is encouraged to maximize absorption and to enhance the skin barrier.”

So lather up on that cream right before bed.

4. Before and After a Flight

Being stuck on a plane for hours with that dry, recycled cabin air makes a lot of us miserable. It can do the same to your skin.

Make sure you hydrate your skin pre and post flight. The last thing you want is crackled skin before you start your awesome vacation.

Skin Care For You

Moisturizing your skin at the right time will ensure that it stays supple and healthy.

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