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Discovering Block Island: When The Crowds Disappear

by kelly / September, 26 2018 01:30

Photo of a Block Island beach during sunset in the fall

There’s something magical when you feel like you have an entire island all to yourself. Block Island is so peaceful and even more beautiful once the crowds thin out as fall rolls in. It is by no means boring on the island – just a little quieter. Here’s what you can find on the Block in the next few months.

Find Inspiration

You can still be active and enjoy the great outdoors in the fall. The beaches and hiking trails are still open; so try walking or hiking one of the 17 miles of beaches or 28 miles of hiking trails. Don't forget your sunscreen!

Also, the water just might be warm enough to dip your toes in. Or maybe you’ll wake up early and bring a blanket and some coffee or tea to watch the sunset on the sand or from a bluff. It’s the perfect time to think and get creative.

Be One With Nature

Over 40% of the open space on Block Island is protected land. Block Island cares about its environment and maintaining a balanced ecosystem. That’s why you can experience over 40 rare or endangered species on the island.

Also, every September the Rhode Island Audubon Society hosts an annual bird watching weekend on the island. With over 125 species of migratory birds making a stop on the Block when heading south for the winter – it’s definitely a sight to see. The bird watching weekend runs from September 28th-30th and special event packages can be purchased from the Audubon Society.

Shop Local

Want a unique piece of art or jewelry that only you will own? Then shop the Block Island Arts and Crafts Guild Fair on October 6th.

The fair takes place on the lawn of the Block Island Historical Society and features handmade artwork and crafts from local artists.

Bonus - on October 6th the fair is combined with the last Farmer’s Market of the season.

Get Fit

Another way to stay in shape – train for the Block Island Half Marathon. The marathon takes place on October 7th and starts at 11:30AM from Fred Benson Town Beach.

It’s also an amazing way to experience the Block. Registration is $40.

Tour the Island

In the fall through the winter take a tour of the island via bike, car, or foot. Block Island now offers self-guided tours.

The tour consists of 12 stations (each an island highlight) marked with a circular signpost. On the signpost is a QR code – shoot the QR code with your phone’s camera and you get a video telling you about the station.

The full tour is 16 miles long and a great way to spend a day. If 16 miles sounds like too much, there’s also a shorter tour that’s 7.5 miles. You can find a map of the route at The Welcome Center.

Discovering Block Island

I hope you all get a chance to experience Block Island in the next few months – you just might find some inspiration.

For even more on Block Island check out our Discovering Block Island series.

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