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Not Washing Your Face? What Happens to Your Skin

by kelly / September, 19 2018 01:30

Photo of a young man washing his face in a river by a small waterfall

We’ve all had those days when we’re just too tired to wash our face and decide to roll into bed and worry about it tomorrow. Sure once in a while is ok but bad things happen to your skin when you stop washing your face regularly. We’re talking irritated skin, acne, and even skin infections.

Why Do We Need to Wash Our Face

It’s basic really. According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Sejal Shah:

"Cleansing your face removes makeup, oil, dirt, and other debris…Even if you don't wear makeup, the skin on your face comes into contact with residue from other skin-care products…as well as pollutants, microbes, dirt, and other debris, not to mention oils, sweat, and dead skin cells."

Do you really want that gunk building up on your face?

Plus, not removing that stuff prevents your skin from renewing itself overnight. The result - poor luminosity and textural skin issues. You might not like the reflection you see in the mirror if you don’t clean your face.

Cleansing Prevents a Domino Effect

Not sold yet? Maybe dirt and grime isn’t your biggest concern. Fact is, it can get worse. As Dr. Shah explains:

“This buildup can potentially clog the pores resulting in dry, irritated skin, and even acne…This can lead skin to becoming itchy, resulting in scratching, potentially leading to breaks in the skin, which can then increase the risk of infection.”

That does not sound good and something we can all easily avoid if we just wash our face regularly.

Wash Your Face At Least Once A Day

So now that you know cleansing helps remove dirt, build-up, makeup, etc. to help avoid dry, oily, and dull skin – how often should you clean your face?

Well, most dermatologists recommend washing your face with a gentle or mild cleanser and making it a daily habit.

And don’t go overboard at the same time. As board certified dermatologist Dr. Soren White explains:

"Over-washing is one of the major causes of dry, irritated skin, especially during winter months."

So the recommendation is no more than twice a day but at least once a day.

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More Cleansing Tips

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