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Ingredient Truths: Get Well With Eucalyptus

by kelly / September, 12 2018 01:30

Photo of eucalyptus plant in a white woven vase

I remember as kid whenever I had a bad cough or congestion my mom would breakout the Vicks VapoRub and rub it all over my chest. It always made me feel good and loved. Little did I know that a key ingredient in the rub is eucalyptus oil – something we use in our products to. It’s a soothing ingredient with benefits that extend to your skin.

Eucalyptus Soothes Your Skin

Eucalyptus globulus oil comes from the eucalyptus globulus tree, which is native to Australia. Today the plant is now cultivated around the world because of its powerful benefits.

So we know some cough and cold products use eucalyptus. Did you know it’s also wonderful for the skin? According to Truth In Aging:

“It boasts antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-viral and anti-septic abilities that promote wound healing and treat skin eruptions like pimples.”

As just one example, Aboriginals and subtropical regions around the world have for centuries used this wonder plant for its healing properties.

For more evidence, according to a research study published in Pharmaceutical Biology of the cineole in the eucalyptus plant - the study shows:

“cineole is the isolated active agent of eucalyptus oil and possesses antimicrobial activity. It was demonstrated that cineole could enhance the antimicrobial effects of the other antiseptics.”

As you can see, eucalyptus has a number of amazing skin calming properties.

Block Island Organics and Eucalyptus

Because of its many topical and immunological benefits, we think eucalyptus is very exciting and chose to include it in our Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30. Nothing better than making sure you skin is well protected from the harsh sun and soothed at the same time.

It’s also an ingredient we always consider when developing new products. If it makes sense, there’s a good chance it’ll go in.

Ingredient Truths

We want to make sure you know what goes into our products and ultimately on your skin. So check out Our Ingredients page and our Ingredient Truths series to learn more about our product formulas and why ingredients matter.

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