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Discovering Block Island: June’s Can’t Miss Events…

by Will / June, 6 2018 01:30

Walking down the steps at Block Island's Mohegan Bluffs

It’s June, it’s Block Island, it’s time for summer! Memorial Day is the start of the season and with that comes a ton of island fun. From music fests to sailboat races to restaurant week there’s something for everyone in June. Not convinced Block Island is for you? Well, Southern Living recently named it one of the 15 Amazing Island Getaways – in America. Here’s what June has in store for you and don't forget your sunscreen…

Block Island Restaurant Week – June 10th to June 15th

20 of the island’s best restaurants are offering special lunch and dinner dishes. With lunch ranging from $10 to $14 and dinner from $21 to $29, it’s hard to beat these delicious deals. More info and a full list of participating restaurants is over on the Block Island Chamber of Commerce’s website.

Block Island Music Festival – June 12th to June 17th

6 days, 48 musical acts, nuff said.

Amazingly it’s totally free too – even the food. In it’s 18th year, this is definitely not an event to miss. More info over on the Block Island Music Festival website.

Block Island Walking Festival – June 12th to June 13th

This is a new one on the island and you’ll want to get in on the inaugural event.

A walking tour, it sounds simple but it’s so much more. Over 47% of Block Island is nature conservancy – meaning there are a ton of trails to hike, bike, and walk. The event provides three guided tours a day of these beautiful sites, a welcome reception, and overlaps with Restaurant Week so you can get great food too.

More details are on the Block Island Tourism Council website and you can sign up on

Block Island Race Week – June 17th to June 22nd

One of the biggest events on the island, it features sailboat races, parties, and family fun.

The actual race days are June 18th to June 22nd with each day featuring multiple races. The big one is the Around the Island Race and it’s a great idea to watch from elevated spots like the Mohegan Bluffs. Usually it’s on Wednesday but weather plays a factor.

For more info check out the Block Island Tourism Council website and the Block Island Race Week website.

Summer Long Events

So those are the events specific to June and there are a ton more that run all summer long. Here are a few you might want to check out.

  • Block Island Farmer’s Market
    • June 9th through October 8th every Wednesday and Saturday morning from 9 – 11:30 am at Legion Park.
    • You’ll find all sorts of treats, crafts, and music to enjoy
  • Block Island Ferry Wind Farm Tours
    • June 13th through August 29th every Wednesday at 3:45 out of Old Harbor.
    • America’s first offshore wind farm, it provides power to 17,000 homes while keeping 40,000 tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.
  • Marsh Mucking with The Nature Conservancy
    • June 25th through August 27th on Monday mornings at 9 AM over at Andy’s Way.
    • Great for kids (and fun loving adults) a Nature Conservancy guide will take you on a scavenger hunt through the salt marsh. Perfect for getting dirty.
  • BIMI Tuesday Night Lecture Series
    • June 26th through August 21st at 7 PM
    • The lectures feature scientists, historians, archaeologists, and researchers discussing their latest ocean and seafaring discoveries. A full list of topics is over at the Block Island Maritime Institute’s website.
  • Pond and Beyond Kayak Tours & Rentals
    • From June 28th through September 23rd over at Pond and Beyond Kayak
    • In addition to regular rentals, Pond and Beyond has three cool tours
      • Fun Fridays where they take a group of kids in the morning to kayak, swim, snorkel and explore.
      • Bioluminescent Kayak Tours that take place in the evening and feature water that glows magically with comb jellies. 7/24, 7/30 and 8/8.
      • Full Moon Kayak Tours where you head out with the setting sun and get to watch the moon rise over the beach. 6/28, 7/27, 8/26 and 9/23
  • Twilight Walk & Night Sky Viewing at Hodge Preserve
    • June 30th, August 3rd, and August 24th at the Hodge Property Wildlife Preserve.
    • It’s roughly an hour-long walking tour lead by the Oceanview Foundation. You’ll learn all about Block Island’s ecosystem and get in some wonderful star gazing too.

More Discovering Block Island

If you want even more to do on the island, check out our full Discovering Block Island series. It covers basics like how to get there, hidden gems like the best ice cream spots, and awe inspiring videos to get you excited. While out be sure to use some sunblock!

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