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Snowing Sunscreen? Yup, Science Says it’s True

by kelly / February, 21 2018 01:30

Starry night up in the mountains

It’s a place where you can find free sunscreen everyday. Ok maybe it’s not a place you can actually get to, well at least not in this lifetime.

Via its Hubble Space Telescope NASA recently discovered a planet outside our solar system where it “snows” sunscreen. The planet rains down titanium dioxide, which is one of two mineral sunscreen ingredients (the other mineral sunscreen ingredient is zinc oxide).

According to NASA, the planet’s atmosphere chills titanium oxide gas into crystalline flakes that snow down. Wish we could bottle up some of that free sunblock!

What’s most interesting about this discovery is that the sunscreen only falls on the planet’s permanent nighttime side. The other side of the planet faces Kepler-13Ab’s host star (quite the name, I know) and it’s blistering hot with no free sunscreen. How ironic is that?

Hopefully one day someone can get to the planet and bottle all that good stuff up!

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