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5 Tips for Relieving Winter Dry Skin

by kelly / January, 31 2018 01:30

Picture of a women in the winter on a snowy day throwing snow in the air

It’s true, the cold can dry your skin and make wrinkles and fine lines more noticeable. Yikes! Dry skin can also be itchy and flaky. Don’t you hate it when you’re out and your clothes get covered in white flakes! Fortunately we’re here with some simple and great ways to relieve dry skin this winter.

Below are helpful recommendations thanks to dermatologists at the American Academy of Dermatology.

1. Use Gentle and Fragrance Free Products

When your skin is dry it’s best to refrain from using products that can be irritable. Examples of these products are deodorant soaps and products that contain fragrance, retinoids or alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). Of course I have to mention that Block Island Organics products are free of these ingredients Laughing.

2. Shower Wisely

Avoid taking long, hot showers that can dry out your skin. It’s best to limit your time in the shower to 5-10 minutes and use warm, not overly hot, water.

Other tips – close the bathroom (create your own steam room), use a gentle, fragrance free cleanser and blot your skin dry gently with a towel.

3. Lock in Moisture

Apply a moisturizer within a few minutes after drying off from a shower or bath or washing your face to trap in moisture.

4. Wear Non-Irritating Clothing

Now that you’ve washed your skin gently and applied a moisturizer – don’t ruin all your wonderful work with irritating fabrics that can bother the skin. Consider wearing cotton or silk under wool or any material that feels rough.

5. Keep your Home Comfortable

Add moisture to the air by investing in a humidifier. They are great if you have a cold too! Also avoid sitting in front of a fireplace or heaters as they tend to dry out your skin. I know, sitting in front of a roaring fire is wonderful – I certainly love it – so just try not to overdo it.

More Skin Care Tips

Yes with these 5 simple tips you can avoid dry skin and its side effects. For even more skin care advice check out our Skin Care and Education blog series.

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