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Discovering Block Island: Winter Relaxation, Romance and Fun

by kelly / January, 17 2018 01:30

Picture of a greenway trail covered in snow on Block Island, RI

Need to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just slow down? Then hop on a short ferry ride to Block Island right now. It’s winter on the Block and you can enjoy some peace, quiet with a bit of romance and fun thrown in. Here’s is a bit about what the island has to offer this season…

Just Relax

While you can’t beat Block Island during the summer – sometimes it’s nice to take it slow. During the summer the population increases by as much as 20 times which can mean a lot of traffic. In the winter, Block Island is still beautiful and you can have it all to yourself.

Take a nature walk on one of Block Island’s many hiking trails. With less people wildlife is less likely to be scared off. Or just grab your coat and take a stroll on one of the 17 miles of beach.

Plus, in the winter reservations are easier to come by so book a stay at The 1661 Inn, the Inn at the Spring House, the Avonlea or Island Manor. Enjoy a quiet meal at Club Soda, the Barn at the Spring House, Kimberly's or Bethany’s Airport Diner. The Block Island Grocery is also open daily and offers ready-to-go lunch and dinner specials and homemade hot soups (maybe pack one up for one of your walks or hikes).

Get Romantic

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Why not surprise your partner with a romantic stay on Block Island? Try The 1661 Inn it’s one of the more rustic and romantic options. Book an ocean view room with no minimum stay this February.

Be Active

If you want to get island active, winter is an excellent time for it. The Block has 365 fresh water ponds and when they freeze over its time for ice-skating and hockey.

Another sport that’s popular here is ice boating. On a cold and windy day you might see a fleet of iceboats racing across Sachem Pond.

When a snowstorm hits another fun activity for the whole family is sledding on the front yard of the Spring House Hotel. Or you might even try cross country skiing around the island.

Discovering Block Island

I hope you all consider a trip to Block Island in the winter. Just remember… the ferry runs on a more limited schedule and the grocery store and gas station close early!

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