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Four Winter Skin Care Mistakes

by kelly / January, 3 2018 01:30

Picture of woman blowing snow from her hands in the winter

Winter is in full effect and that bitter cold can be tough on the skin. Don’t let it get to you - avoid these four mistakes to keep your skin looking great. Plus, what better time to right any skin care wrongs than the New Year!

Skipping SPF

It’s recommended by almost every dermatologist and is one of the golden rules of good skin care – wear an SPF product (make sure it’s broad spectrum) or sunscreen year-round.

There’s a reason why - according to the Skin Cancer Foundation the sun causes 90% of skin aging and the sun’s UV rays are a leading cause of skin damage.

UV rays don’t take a break in the winter; they beat down everyday. So protect your skin in the winter, end of story!

Taking Long & Hot Showers

Who doesn’t love warming up with a long, hot shower when it’s so cold outside? But you might be doing a major disservice to your skin.

Hot water and long showers can strip your skin of its natural protective oils and dry it out. Consider easing up a little on the heat this winter to give your skin a break and remember spring is just around the corner ☺.

Forgetting the Moisturizer

After that shower or face wash is a perfect time to apply a moisturizer to lock in moisture on your skin. In the winter between the cold, wind and heaters our skin tends to be drier. So don’t forget to keep your skin hydrated with a good moisturizer.

Bundling Up With Irritating Fabrics

During the winter we all tend to bundle up with warmer fabrics. However, some, wool for example, can be irritating to the skin. I actually have to avoid wool because it makes my skin itch. Find a good balance with clothes that keep you warm and are comfortable on your skin. It may take a little trial and error.

More Winter Skin Care Tips

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