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The ONE Skin Care Must for Holiday Travel

by kelly / November, 29 2017 01:30

Photo of snowy forest and train tracks

Before you hit the road this holiday season make sure you pack the most important skin care essential – sunscreen. Why? Well if you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile you’re racking up the sun damage and wrinkle causing UV.

While glass does a pretty good job of preventing UVB rays from coming in it doesn’t block UVA rays. A quick reminder UVB rays cause sunburns while UVA rays cause tanning, skin aging and wrinkles. The damage from both rays overtime can lead to skin cancer.

Most front windshields in cars are treated to block UVA but the side, back and sunroofs are usually not.

Windows on planes, trains and buses are usually not treated as well. We’re even more exposed to the sun when we fly because we closer to it. In fact according to the Skin Cancer Foundation - pilots and crew members tend to get more skin cancer than people in other professions.

Sounds scary but it’s pretty easy to protect ourselves when we travel. Pack some sunblock and protect yourself. Lots come in travel sizes – ours comes in the largest size allowed in carry-on luggage - so you can bring it on the plane too.

Wear protective clothing and sunglasses when traveling as well and consider installing transparent UV-blocking window film in your car.

Happy traveling this holiday season and stay protected. Your skin will thank you for years to come.

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