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Venus Williams Reveals Sunscreen is the Key to Her Success

by kelly / November, 1 2017 01:30

Venus Williams on the tennis court during a match © Edwin Martinez

What makes Venus Williams so successful? Why sunscreen and sun protection. Yes she said exactly that and we have video proof below! You can’t beat that endorsement.

Her exact quote was:

"I use a lot of sun protection, sunscreen. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables," Williams said. "That's been the key to my success."

Ok she might have been joking (a little) when asked how she continues to dominate after 15 years in professional tennis. Venus had just come off winning the semi-finals of the WTA tournament in Singapore so she was in a jovial mood. But there’s often a kernel of truth to a joke!

So there you have it folks sunblock + sun protection will make you a superstar athlete! Ha, ok, maybe not for sure but it’ll definitely keep your skin looking healthy and great for many years Cool.

See Venus William talks about sunscreen and sun protection at the 50 second mark in the video…

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