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Applying Sunscreen, Here’s the Spots You Probably Missed

by kelly / June, 21 2017 01:30

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I’m sure many of you are diligently applying sunscreen to your face and body before heading out this summer. Year-round too ☺. But there are definitely spots that most people (including myself) often forget. Not to worry I’ve got you covered with a list of the spots to not forget that you can use as an easy reminder.

Vulnerable Body Parts

Many commonly missed body parts are exposed to the sun everyday and thus vulnerable. Here’s a list of them.

SCALP – if bald the entire scalp needs sunblock and/or a hat. Even the skin along the hair part should be protected.

EARS – when applying sunscreen to your face don’t forget your ears. They need sun protection love too!

EYELIDS – it’s definitely a difficult area to get sunscreen on and I get it, many people are afraid to get sunscreen in their eyes. If applying sunscreen to your eyelids is an issue – definitely consider wearing sunglasses with UV blocking lenses. Find even more eye sun protection tips here.

LIPS – according to Joel Cohen, M.D., a Denver dermatologist “the lips are one of the highest risk sites for squamous cell cancer.” Don’t forget to apply a lip balm with broad spectrum SPF protection.

BACK OF THE NECK – according to the American Cancer Society the neck is a high-risk skin cancer zone. Even with my long hair I apply sunscreen on the back of my neck. I never know when I may sweep my hair to the side or put it up.

HANDS – according to Consumer Reports a study published in the Journal of Skin Cancer involving 214 beachgoers found that less than 50% of them applied sunscreen to their hands. Just like the face, the backs of hands are exposed to the sun everyday. Also remember to reapply sunblock after washing your hands.

FEET – I’m all about flip-flops in the summer but that leaves my feet exposed. Before I head out in the mornings I always apply sunscreen to my feet (and of course reapply every 2 hours).

A Mirror is Your Friend

One way to make sure you’re completely covering your body is to stand in front of a mirror (preferably a full-length mirror) and apply sunblock.

According to Amy Wechsler, M.D., a New York City dermatologist “The visual will help you to not forget spots or assume they’ll be covered by what you’re wearing.”

More Sun Protection Tips

For even more sun safety tips check out our Suncare Smarts or Skin Cancer blog series.

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