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Discovering Block Island: The Best Ice Cream Spots

by Will / June, 7 2017 01:30

Ice cream in a waffle cone

When you think Block Island you think summer fun and when you think summer fun you can’t not think ice cream! I looovvve ice cream and from The Ice Cream Place to Aldo’s to Ben & Jerry’s to Mia's Gelateria, Block Island has great spots to take a cone (or two) for a spin.

Plus they are all in town – a hop, skip and a jump from each other – so you can easily take them all for a test drive. If you come into Old Harbor on the ferry (most ferries, but not all, go into Old Harbor) just head up the ferry landing to Water Street and you’ll be no more than a minute or two from all of them.

One more great aspect – next week Block Island’s Restaurant Week starts. So get your dinner fix and then splurge on a scoop. And don't forget your sunscreen!

Here are the spots, in alphabetical order, to check out.

Aldo’s Bakery (B)

This place has great ice cream. I often get Mud Pie or Coffee Heathbar Crunch. With 32 flavors of ice cream, 24 gelatos, and 6 soft serves / frozen yogurts you are bound to find something. Plus, they have a ton of baked goods, an Italian restaurant and even a moped rental. Aldo’s is one of the larger establishments on the island. For more details check out their Facebook page, Instagram account, or website.

To find this spot head through The Ice Cream Place archway (facing away from the Old Harbor ferries, it’s to the left of the ferry landing across Water Street) and pop out the other side. Aldo’s will be directly across from you.

Ben & Jerry’s (D)

When not on Block Island, Ben & Jerry’s is my go to. In fact, I’d say their Phish Food flavor might be my favorite ice cream of all time.

Ben & Jerry’s is actually inside the Seaside Market on Water Street. If you are at the Old Harbor ferry landing and facing away from the ferries it will be to the left along Water Street.

The Ice Cream Place (C)

Moose Tracks, Moose Tracks, Moose Tracks…I can’t get enough. It’s delicious. This spot has also been there for over 35 years and is quintessential small town. The scoops they give you are pretty big too. Here’s The Ice Cream Place Instagram account to check out the goods.

Easy to find, you head through The Ice Cream Place archway on Water Street (it's across Water Street to the left of the ferry landing if you are facing away from the ferries in Old Harbor) and down a brick lane. You’ll find it on your left as you come out behind the Water Street buildings.

Mia's Gelateria (A)

I must admit I don’t know Mia’s Gelateria well. It’s a newer spot on the island. They have 18 flavors daily and also serve Del’s Frozen Lemonade. Mia’s has a Facebook page where you can see what they are all about.

Also in town, this one is across Water Street to the right of the ferry landing if you are facing away from the ferries in Old Harbor. It’s actually a little bit below street level – you’ll find it under the National Hotel’s porch along with a number of gift and clothing shops.

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If you’re heading to the Block be sure to check out our full Discovering Block Island series for things to do, places to see and killer doughnuts. I personally love clamming in the Great Salt Pond.

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