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Discovering Block Island: These Amazing Videos Show Why It Is a Must Do

by Will / April, 26 2017 01:30

Ferry docked in Block Island's Old Harbor

Block Island is a beautiful place. It has white sand beaches, craggy cliffs, miles and miles of hiking trails, and more activities than you’ll know what to do with. Some of my favorites are Mohegan Bluffs and clamming in the Great Salt Pond. That’s why these videos are wonderful. They showcase the magic of the island. Words alone can’t do it justice.

So as the start of beach season approaches, take a look. I’m sure you’ll be inspired to add Block Island to your summer must dos.

Above Block Island

A bird’s-eye view, this unique perspective showcases the island’s 17 miles of beaches, the ocean blue harbors, the iconic lighthouses and the beauty that is Block Island.

Welcome to Block Island

Hear locals, residents and vacationers tell their love of Block Island set to incredible sights. I personally love the opening shot - a spectacular sunset while cruising the open waters of the Great Salt Pond. You’ll also see some amazing footage of the island’s Victorian era hotels and fishing at dusk in addition to many other sites around the Block.

More About Block Island

That’s just a little taste of what the island has to offer. If you want to see more, check out our Discovering Block Island series and check out the Block Island Tourism Council – they are the brains behind these great showcases.

As for me, watching these videos always inspires a warm and fuzzy feeling.

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