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5 Skin Care Resolutions for the New Year

by kelly / January, 11 2017 01:30

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It’s New Year’s resolution time. Hope you aren’t having too much difficulty sticking to them – it’s always a challenge for me - and progressing along. If you didn’t make resolutions this year – I’ve got some for you to keep your skin at its healthiest and best in 2017. Your skin will definitely say thank you!

1. Wear SPF Daily

If you’re going to have one skin care resolution for the year – it has to be this. Wearing a broad spectrum SPF moisturizer or sunscreen is a must every day.

Why? Well because the sun, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, causes 90% of skin aging. Additionally the sun is a leading cause of skin damage including skin cancer.

Rain or shine, cold or hot you need to wear sunblock. One more stat for you to think about on those rainy days when you are considering SPF – according to the US Food & Drug Administration even on an overcast day, up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays can get through the clouds.

2. Clean Your Face Once a Day

If you only have time or energy to do it once a day – do it a night. Makeup and dirt build up during the day and need to be removed. Otherwise there can be unwelcomed consequences ranging from skin aging to acne to eye irritation.

Check out our blog posts “5 Reasons You Must Wash Your Face Nightly” and “How To Wash Your Face” for even more info.

3. Don’t Pick Your Face

I feel like this is something moms always saying growing up – and mother knows best. It’s so tempting to want to pop that pimple or scratch a scab but don’t do it! Picking at your face creates more breakouts and can even lead to scarring. The last thing we need is a permanent scar on our face.

4. Water & Sleep

Drinking enough water and getting enough sleep is not only beneficial to your body but your skin. A well-hydrated body results in more moisturized and plump skin. Your skin also regenerates at night so a good night’s sleep helps with that process.

5. Revisit Your Skin Care Products

Like food, your skin care products get old as well. Throw out any products that smell weird, changed color or expired. Also make sure to get new brushes and applicators or clean the ones you have thoroughly. The last thing you need is to put dirty products on your clean skin. The new year is always a good time to reassess and reorganize your products.

2017 Is Your Year

Your skin is going to love 2017 with these 5 simple tips. Leave me comments below to let me know what changes you are making for 2017 to make it a healthy year. I’d love to know. For even more healthy living tips check out our blog post “5 Tips for A Healthy New Year – The CDC’s Expert Recs” and our education series.

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