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5 Tips for a Healthy New Year – The CDC’s Expert Recs

by kelly / January, 3 2017 01:30

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Hello to 2017 and Happy New Year everyone! A new year gives us the opportunity to reevaluate and start fresh. To help you – and us! - kick off this New Year right, we’ve got some great healthy living tips.

Every year the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) publishes a list of healthy living tips for you and your family. Here’s a quick summary of their five best tips for 2017.

1. Make Healthy Food Choices

Haven’t you always heard the saying “you are what you eat”. It’s true what we eat affects everything in our lives from our well being to our energy to our skin.

A good eating plan includes the following basics:

  • Emphasizing fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products
  • Choosing lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts and that is low in saturated fats, transfats, cholesterol, salt (sodium), and added sugars

I’m also going to make a more concerted effort to include more fruits and vegetables in my diet. Not only is it good for the body but it also makes a meal more colorful and fun when you have lots of fruits and veggies.

2. Be Active

We also know that exercising is good for our health but sometimes it’s hard to motivate. I know the thought of going to the gym or for a run is tough on me. The New Year is a perfect time to get inspired again.

The CDC says all it takes is at 2½ hours of activity a week to improve your overall health.

If that sounds like a not consider that it doesn’t need to be all or nothing – you can start small. Try simple things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. If it’s a cold outside – a walk in the mall helps. Every small step adds up!

3. Get Enough Sleep

Doesn’t it feel so good when you get a good night’s sleep? Sleep is vital to our health.

According to the CDC not enough sleep is associated with number of chronic diseases and conditions—such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression. Get your beauty sleep I say!

4. Protect Yourself

The CDC recommends protecting yourself from injury and disease by wearing a helmet, sunscreen (yes sunblock is on their list of healthy living tips) and insect repellent when necessary.

We can certainly get behind their sunscreen recommendation!

5. Get Your Check-Ups

Don’t forget to schedule or go to your regular health exams and tests. Regular check-ups and screenings help find problems before they start. Finding problems earlier rather than later also improves your chances of treatment and cure.

Make 2017 The Best Year Yet!

I can’t wait to get started with these tips. Let’s all make 2017 our healthiest year yet! For even more healthy living tips check out our healthy living, suncare smarts and education blog series.

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