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5 Steps to Prevent Dry Skin in the Winter

by kelly / November, 30 2016 01:30

woman covering her face with her hands in gloves in the winter

Oh baby it’s cold outside. Winter is around the corner and ski season has started across the country. Let’s make sure you skin doesn’t get all crackly, dry or damaged this winter with our 5 easy tips.

You Gotta Wear Sunscreen

The sun is still out in the winter. Maybe for shorter periods but it’s there. The sun is especially powerful when its rays are reflecting off snow, ice, or water.

Word to the wise – make sure you definitely wear sunblock while skiing on the slopes, shoveling the snow or running errands. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation:

“For example, individuals are exposed to the sun when walking dogs, waiting for the bus, or walking to and from the car. Everyday incidental exposure adds up and seriously damages the skin over time.”

You don’t want to get a sunburn and yes you can get one in the winter. A sunburn will definitely dry your skin out and cause long term damage.

Avoid Long Hot Showers or Baths

I know hot showers and baths feel so good in cold weather. But hot water strips the skin’s natural oils away and causes it to dry out. Try taking shorter showers or baths and use warm or lukewarm water.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Right after you wash – make sure you moisturize. Applying moisturizer to damp skin helps to seal the moisture into the skin. Use a moisturizer after every time you wash your skin to keep it supple.

Stay Hydrated

Your skin needs hydration from the inside out as well. Dehydration can cause the skin to sag. Don’t forget to drink lots of water in the winter.


Heating systems have a tendency to dry out the air – consider using a humidifier to put moisture back into the air. This will help keep skin from drying out too.

More Suggestions

With our 5 simple steps – you can keep your skin looking its best all winter long. Check out even more of our skin care tips and tricks here.

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